Friday, October 3, 2008

God Delusion Telugu translation

Presented translation to Richard Dawkins,Scientist in Washington DC
The book is rated as best seller in New York Times
(R to L) Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris ( End of Faith writer), Rohit and translator N.Innaiah

God Delusion Telugu translation devudi bramalo

Richard Dawkins published scientific study of evolution, intelligent design and the need for ethical life without religion, god and superstitions. This is translated into Telugu by Innaiah as Devudi Bramalo.

* Devudi Bramaloa.pdf


Mathra said...

I read the original versions of these trio books God Delusion, God in not great and End of Faith. The authors Dawkins, Hitchens and Harris have their points and put forward their views. I personally like God Delusion where Dr.Dawkins (Well reputed Evolutionary biologist at Cambridge University) points to childhood indoctrination. I think one should to read these books and listen to these authors what they are point to, rather than just ignoring it by reading the title. Its is great to see the telugu translation bringing to more audiences and posting it free. I haven't read the translated version of it completely. Thanks to the efforts of the innaiah.

innaiah said...

Print edition of God Delusion entitled Devudi Bramalo and Sam Harris Letter to Christian Nation entitled Christavam inta amaanushamaa are available in Andhra Pradesh book sellers like Visalandhra, Akshara, Ashok books at Vijayawada, Vizac, etc.